EN – More than a Customer Data Plateform


Develop your retail performance with the Advalo solution

Advalo, more than a Customer Data Platform: the 1st individualized marketing platform


Customer Data Platform solutions (or CDP solutions) are designed to centralize, organize and enhance the value of all data relating to a brand’s customers within a single platform. A Customer Data Platform also makes it possible to transmit to the various on and offline marketing tools, audiences that have been refined thanks to the use of this data.


In addition to playing its role as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) (reconciliation of behavioral and CRM, physical and digital data), the Advalo platform leverages artificial intelligence and more than 50 innovative predictive models to address the consumer at all points of contact with personalized messages that meet their desires and needs.

Plateforme Marketing Individualisé

Why choose Advalo
and not just a Customer Data Platform?

  • On and offline data consolidation
  • More than 50 innovative predictive models
  • The platform connects with all marketing tools
  • Twofold expertise in Retail and Marketing
  • An omnichannel measure of campaign performance

"Advalo is a CDP that is differentiated by its numerous predictive models and AI algorithms: the platform manages all types of data (1st, 2nd, and 3rd party), as well as profiles identified as anonymous profiles. Moreover, the plurality of predictive models allows to segment in a very precise way the different types of customers, or to identify the customers with the biggest potential of purchase. Advalo is also a solution that allows you to comprehensively activate your marketing campaigns on different channels”

The Digital Benchmark EBG 2020

Bien plus qu'une CDP

  • Easy access and use of data for marketing purposes
  • Predictive models that detect the most impactful needs and messages
  • An intelligent platform that identifies the marketing scenarios to activate for each of these objectives.
  • An indispensable platform for marketing today, intelligent and individualized
  • A solution that simplifies daily life and boosts the marketer’s productivity
  • Customer loyalty and increased frequency of purchases, which contribute to immediate and sustainable growth.
  • Better knowledge and understanding of its core target to better develop its client portfolio
  • An intelligent decision-support solution for better resource allocation