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The Advalo platform is much more than a Customer Data Platform: built to reconcile and process data, the platform leverages AI and predictive marketing to simplify marketers’ daily tasks and decision-making.


The main types of data collected are web and “store” data. The Advalo platform collects all data related to the customer’s lifecycle, who they are, what they buy, which stores they visit. Discounts, promotional codes, vouchers, loyalty cards, quotes, etc are also assigned to it. Scores or segments are integrated to the platform where they apply.


Advalo’s added value and expertise consists in collecting hot data and linking it to the customer: the customer’s lifecycle is rounded out by their web browsing, products viewed, added to the basket, and/or purchased online…. This provides an extensive overview of the customer.


What makes the platform so technologically advanced is its ability to collect, store and use a very large volume of data. All data is kept for the entire legal period of use, which makes it possible to fine-tune the artificial intelligence and predictive marketing models and power the customization engine.

collecte de données


Advalo is an expert in the field of data reconciliation around a single customer ID, regardless of whether the data is “hot” (web browsing, etc.) or “cold” (customer history, etc.). It is the cornerstone of the platform, the marketing pillar that will facilitate the implementation of many types of marketing campaigns and improve performance.


Advalo has opted for a 1st party approach from the outset as its technological and strategic approach and is completely independent of any third party tools or data to carry out reconciliation.


Customer matching, between the brand’s customer ID and the hot data collected, is recalculated every day to avoid and correct overlaps, and activate relevant marketing campaigns in the platform.


advalo client unique


Advalo’s great strength is that it has developed more than 50 qualification and recommendation models using artificial intelligence techniques (machine learning, deep learning, etc.) to harness all the data provided by customers.
The use of AI allows us to enrich customer data, giving it more value for optimal use in marketing campaigns.


Qualification models refine targeting to only address individuals who are most receptive to the content sent. Predictive models can predict the future value of a customer, models using deep learning such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to characterize images, will enrich product DNA. Machine learning techniques are used to rank the products best suited to each individual.


Advalo has a proven track record in data science and offers more than 50 models in the platform, available through ready-to-use scenarios and a customization engine.

Décider ou Scénarios marketing


Scenarios are ready-to-use marketing campaigns using qualification and recommendation models developed by Advalo data scientists.

3 types of scenarios cover the entire customer life cycle: 


– Turnkey sales promotion scenarios for brand milestones: these are based on predictive marketing models that will help target the right audiences and determine which products to feature.

– Automated scenarios that are triggered according to the customers behavior in order to provide tailored product recommendations.

– New customer acquisition scenarios, select a winning strategy from our catalog of available scenarios.


The Advalo platform has turnkey scenarios to ease the work of marketers, automate campaigns and increase efficiency and performance.


In contrast to ready-made scenarios, marketers build their own campaigns with the customization engine according to their marketing strategy.
The customization engine allows you to easily define the audience, choose the right content with the associated product recommendation model and activate campaigns on the channel(s) of your choice.


Marketers choose the models that best fit their marketing objectives:

– Present products with a particular purpose (new products, sales, etc.) selected specifically for the consumer
– Make individual product recommendations according to on-site browsing behavior, while also taking into account the customers profile
– Define the product(s) best suited for an identified target
– Alternatively, select the audiences most likely to be interested in a product or product category….


Multiple strategies are available to harness all the data collected through the numerous models available in the platform.

Modèles de recommandations marketing

The Advalo platform was designed to simplify the work of marketers: a platform that is both powerful and easy to use, and robust, as it allows you to automate all your omnichannel campaigns and gain maximum efficiency.

Easier access and use of data for marketing purposes.

A powerful platform that pinpoints what marketing scenarios to activate for each of your objectives.

Predictive models to spot customer needs and deliver the most impactful messages.

An intelligent decision support solution for better resource management.

Media plan


Advalo’s teams routinely work on new connectors to meet clients’ needs.  The platform fully integrates into the client’s existing ecosystem by connecting with all the tools used by the marketing teams – email routing tools, SMS/VMS senders, call centers, paper mailing routers, search tools, on-site personalization tools, display platforms, programmatic, social networks (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), etc.


These native connectors ensure that marketing campaigns can be launched across all channels and that marketing teams can see the entire action plan at a glance, by means of the mediaplan.


As technology evolves, buying behaviors are changing, devices and tools being used are becoming more numerous, and customer journeys are becoming more and more complex to analyze as a whole. As a result, measurement and performance measurement in particular are becoming more complex. In response to this issue, Advalo’s approach is to measure omnichannel incremental attribution by setting up a control population, which allows us to compare results between customers who received a communication and those who did not. Online and offline data are reconciled to give a global overview of these results.


This is measured using the Bayesian statistical method and significance tests are carried out to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of results and that the differences between the 2 groups are large enough to provide certainty in the reported results.


Measuring the omnichannel performance of an action or a set of actions is a valuable decision-making tool for marketers.

flux data


Data reconciliation in the platform enables Advalo to act as a key driver for transmitting data to partner tools.


The platform feeds our clients’ partner tools on an ad hoc or permanent basis. Advalo powers attribution and contribution analysis tools, business intelligence and dataviz tools, and transmits offline sales following digital campaigns to Facebook, Criteo and other key players. Advalo therefore enables these tools to measure ROPO, i.e. the impact of digital actions on the turnover achieved at points of sale.


Advalo is a specialist in the transmission of secure data to partners, sending only what is strictly necessary in encrypted form.


The Advalo platform interfaces with the CMP (Consent Management Platform) in order to collect data once the user has given their consent / opt-in.


During platform implementation, the GDPR management procedures are shared with the client in order to define all the data expiry notions according to the client’s sector of activity and to verify all legal procedures concerning the right to be forgotten, the right to erasure and the personal data rectification process.


The customer retains control and manages their data expiration in the platform.

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